Portuguese Chicken Restaurant in Tuggeranong, ACT

One stop destination for bloody deliciously healthy portuguese chicken cuisine. Kukulas is the only destination for Portuguese Chicken Restaurant in Tuggerong, ACT.

Want to know the best places to get halal chicken? At Kukulas restaurant located in Tuggeranong, you come across authentic chicken dishes made from traditional recipes. 

It is not surprising to know that we are one of the most popular hangouts in Tuggeranong and have a menu with dishes that appeal to all tastes. Among the handful of restaurants that are within a short distance, there isn’t one with our Portuguese-inspired chicken recipes.

Variety Of Options At Tuggeranong

Tuggeranong offers many different types of restaurants, but if you’re in the mood for some great chicken salads, burgers, and wraps, then you can’t find a better Tuggeranong establishment than Kukulas.

The traditional chicken recipes that hail from the Tuggeranong region are deeply ingrained in residents there.The techniques of grilling and cutting, paired with the smoky flavors, result in outstanding dishes that make you want more.

At Kukulas in Tuggeranong, you would come across many versions of the Portugese based chicken dishes. You would get ones that you haven’t even tasted in your whole life. 

Passionate About Great Traditional Food

Our traditional Portuguese style hot chicken recipes will build the fire in you to solve the bigger problems of the world at the Australian National University. Our spicy hot Portuguese chicken recipes have been handed down from generation to generation and we now bring the same age old recipes on a plate at your table in our restaurant at ANU, ACT. 

Tuggeranong has a rich heritage that contains many cultures over thousands of years.We at Kukulas aim to bring a unique and ever-lasting culture that would last for many centuries through the authentic and traditional chicken dishes. Frankly, within a short period of time, we have become the local favorite for some of the best lip-smacking chicken dishes that are crispy and great to have. 

Serving Dishes Using Finest Ingredients

At Kukulas, we are proud of providing delicious menus that are prepared with the finest ingredients: fresh produce and sustainable meat sources.Our delicious dishes will make your face light up and feel happy.

Choose the most popular restaurant in Tuggeranong. One that is the perfect for the dine-in. At Kukulas in Tuggeranong, you get a great place to hang out with your loved ones and friends, accompanied by delicious food, cooked with care and love. 

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